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Explain the processes for identifying and managing risk in a project.

Explain the processes for identifying and managing risk in a project.

Explain the processes for identifying and managing risk in a project.

Assessment Details
Qualification Code and Title BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management Block/ Term/ Year  
Unit Code and Title BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work
Assessment Type A1 – Knowledge Questions Re-assessment YES NO

Due Date  
Student Details
Student Name   Student ID  
Instructions to Students: Please read the following instructions carefully.
· The purpose of this assessment is to assess your knowledge and skills.

· This assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given by your assessor.

· To be deemed satisfactory in this assessment, you must write the answers to all written questions correctly or meet all the performance criteria for activity based assessments by the due date.

· Submission after the due date will result in a penalty fee.

· Should you not answer the tasks correctly, you will be given feedback on the results and gaps in knowledge. You will be entitled to one (1) resubmission in showing your competence with this unit.

· If you feel the decision made by your assessor was incorrect please refer to your Student Handbook for information on assessment appeal for the required steps to appeal the decision.

· If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor.

· Please refer to the College re-submission and re-sit policy for more information.

· If you have questions and other concerns that may affect your performance in the Assessment, please inform the assessor immediately.

· Please read the tasks carefully then complete all tasks.

· To be deemed competent for this unit you must achieve a satisfactory result with tasks of this Assessment along with a satisfactory result for another Assessment.

· Remember, that it must be your own work and if you use other sources then you must reference these appropriately.

· Submitted document should follow the given criteria. Font should be Times New Roman, Font size need to be 12, line spacing has to be Single line and Footer of submitted document must include Student ID, Student Name and Page Number. Document should be printed double sided.

· This is individual Assessment. Once you have completed the assessment, please provide the hard copy of the Assessments to your Trainer/ Assessor.

· Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work and submitting it as your own. Any plagiarism will result in NYC.

For Assessor Use Only
Assessor’s Name  
Assessment DecisionTo be accessed as satisfactory in this assessment task, the student must address ALL assessment items/questions satisfactorily.

All individual assessment tasks of this unit must be completed satisfactorily for a student to achieve an overall grade of competent for this unit.

The Student’s Performance is SATISFACTORY


Student Declaration: I declare that I have read and agreed to the instructions mentioned above and declare that the work submitted is my own and has not been copied or plagiarized from any person or source. I have been assessed in this unit and advised of my result. I am aware of my appeal rights.




Date: / /

Assessor Declaration: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid and flexible assessment with this student and I provided appropriate feedback.





Date: / /



Welcome to your Student Assessment Workbook for BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work.

This Student Assessment Workbook is where you will write all your responses for the knowledge questions. Please refer to the Student Assessment Guide for more information.

This assessment has the following event:

Assessment Event 1 – Knowledge Questions:
There are four questions that will provide us with evidence of your general knowledge of tools, documents, processes, and legislative context in relation to undertaking a project.


Please note that your responses for both assessment events can (where appropriate) use dot point format. See below an example of a dot point response and a full sentence response.

Dot point format Presentation Plan includes the following:

· outcomes

· needs of the audience

· context.

Full sentence format When you are preparing for a presentation, there are a number of tasks that must be carried out. These are listing the outcomes that you want to achieve, followed by the identification of the needs of your audience. When you have completed these two tasks you then check on the room that you will be conducting the presentation in.


To Achieve Competence

To be deemed competent for this unit, you will need to meet the following requirements:

· complete all of the questions and tasks listed in the Student Assessment Workbook

· meet all the requirements listed in this Student Assessment Guide

· your responses to the questions and tasks must be relevant, accurate and specific

· submit your completed Student Assessment Workbook to your Assessor within the set timeframes

· your work must be in your own words

· where you use an external source of information, you must provide citation.









The information contained in this section lists the questions that you will need to develop a written response. These questions are theoretical and provide evidence of your understanding of tools, documents, processes, and legislative context in relation to undertaking a project work.

Note you must answer these questions in your own words. Remember, you must get a satisfactory result with each question to be deemed satisfactory for the whole of Assessment Event 1.

Question 1

Using the table, list examples of project management tools and explain how they contribute to a project.

Write your response into the table:

Project management tool

How it contributes to a project

Question 2

Using the table, outline types of documents used in defining the parameters of a project.

Write your response into the table:

Source of information Explanation

Question 3

Explain the processes for identifying and managing risk in a project.

Write your response here:





Question 4

Use the table to outline the legislative requirements when managing a project.

Write your response into the table:

Legislation Explanation



Feedback Evaluation Sheet

The Feedback Evaluation Sheet below is the assessment questions and tasks for each of the assessment events that the student is required to complete. Assessors, tick ‘S’ if the student achieved a satisfactory outcome for an assessment task and ‘NYS’ if the student does not meet these requirements. Also, you are required to write comments on the quality of this evidence under the ‘Comments’ column. For your judgement on the student’s overall performance, tick ‘Satisfactory’ if the student achieves a satisfactory outcome for all of the tasks or ‘Not-Yet-Satisfactory’.

Feedback Evaluation Sheet
Assessment Event 1 Knowledge Questions S NYS Comments
Question 1      
Question 2      
Question 3      
Question 4      
Feedback to Students:









Assessment Outcome Satisfactory Not Yet Satisfactory
Assessor’s Signature:   Date:  



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