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Nutrition Research Paper: Heart Disease

Nutrition Research Paper: Heart Disease

Nutrition Research Paper: Heart Disease

Topic Paper Assignment

Purpose: to gather reliable information & think critically about a course-related topic that interests you, & to express the information in an organized, logical, & well-written paper.

Topic: Heart Disease

Title: should be descriptive, but not more than 12 words long. Write your name below the title. Introduction: Briefly introduce your topic. You can include your personal interest in your topic. Body of paper: Present information clearly & logically & in your own words & style. Do not quote, copy, or simply paraphrase sentences from your sources (5 or more – at least 2 pubmed and 1 .gov website) Clearly indicate which reference you used when you present information in appropriate citation format (please see below and sample research paper). Use the author (or organization)-year method:

Utvich (2015) found that a certain type of epilepsy was related to a gene dubbed E4S7. Type-2 diabetes occurs at a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) among Chinese (Luong 2014). African-Americans have a lower incidence of osteoporosis compared to Whites (CDC 2015).

Integrate the information, rather than serially presenting info from each of your references. The info should be substantive. Depending on your topic: Explain what’s known about the causes. For diseases, are there genetic causes or susceptibilities; are they affected by lifestyle (e.g., diet, exercise, smoking)? Are there societal or ethical issues (e.g., discrimination, animal rights)?

Your paper should not be technical. Write it as if telling your classmates what you learned. Write multiple drafts, exceeding the word count at first, allowing you to edit & make the paper more clear & concise & grammatically correct. Allow time to polish & proofread. If needed, get help from the Writing Center.

Conclusion: What did you conclude about your topic? Has what you learned impacted your


Word Count: Put below conclusion: Must be 900 words, from introduction to conclusion. List of

References Cited: List only those that you cited in your paper. List in this format:

Afable-Munsuz (2014). Immigrant generation and diabetes risk among Mexican Americans: The Sacramento area Latino study on aging. American Journal of Public Health.

American Cancer Society (ACS). (2015, June 10). What are the risk factors for breast cancer? Retrieved from

Sample Topic Paper: Read it as an example of a well-written paper, & an example of how the references should be cited & listed.

Submit your paper as a Word file as [your last name]-paper (e.g., Lee-paper). Separately, submit the full texts of your references in PDF format. Submit all of this online by 11:59 pm M 11/15.

Late penalty: -5pts/24 hrs (can turn in up to a week late for credit).



Grading: Informative, well-written, logical, organized, clear, concise, polished, information documented by citing the source, spelling, grammar, word count, references cited correctly, etc. = 100 pts (Grading Rubric on next page.) Grading Rubric: Informative: /10 Introduction /40 Substantive info on your topic, documented by citing sources (author-year). /10 Conclusion: Possible effects of info on your lifestyle choices, etc.

Well-written: /20 Organized, clear, concise, written in own words (no quotes) in language understandable to classmates /10 Correct grammar, spelling, proofread, polished, word count (900-1100 words)

List of References Cited /10 Includes all & only the references cited in paper, in alphabetical order, in appropriate format as listed in assignment sheet, all full text pdfs uploaded.

Penalties ___ Late (-5 pts/24 hours) ___ Topic NOT consistent with sign up sheet

Total /100

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