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operation management

operation management

operation management


we need to cover all the following operation management subject: ch4 Forecasting ch5 designe of goods and services product life cycle ch7 process strategy ch8 location strategy ch9 layout strategy ch6 quality


Operations Management – Project

Project Assignment

You will search and identify an organization which has faced or is facing some major operational challenges. Once you have identified ONE organization, you will perform a review of its operational challenges and the strategy they adopted to solve the issues. Next, you will give your critical analysis of the situation and make some recommendations.

A good report will identify the issue or issues and will present the solution. You may follow the following structure (however, please don’t limit yourself to this structure only – experiment whichever way it makes sense to you – This is what learning is all about).

i. Introduction

ii. Brief organization’s profile

iii. Statement of the problem

iv. Strategy adopted to solve the problem

v. Your analysis of the situation

vi. Conclusion and Recommendations

vii. References

The report, excluding appendices, should be not more than 2000 words in length. Please note that your work will be assessed


against the following criteria: 1. Knowledge – Your work should show knowledge of the module content. 2. Understanding – Your report should demonstrate an understanding of the problem.

3. Insight – Your report should show an ability to analyze the operations inside the organsiation and problems faced. 4. Clarity – Your report should be well structured and clearly presented.

You should include a brief list of references to support your observations and assertions.

Assignment Guidance Notes:

• ︎ Business Report Structure – 2000 words +/- 10%

• ︎ Size 12 font, spacing 1.5, include word count., Times New Roman, Justified


☑ Design of goods and services ☑ Managing quality ☑ Process and capacity design ☑ Location strategy ☑ Layout strategy ☑ Human resources and job design ☑ Supply chain management ☑ Inventory management ☑ Scheduling ☑ Maintenance

• ︎ This is a group work – Maximum of 2 students in one group.

• ︎ Any work with more 35 % similarity index will be assumed as FAIL.


i. Introduction

ii. Brief organization’s profile

Company link :

Bupa Arabia is one of the biggest company in Saudi Arabia and leading the medical insurance. Bupa is Purely servies insurance company that focusing on Medical insurance only. market share of around 45%

– bupa marketing is doing very well as the BUPA as brand has market !!! and many of big web know coprportae ad insure with bupa. bupa value is by adding more services and online services to customer

– Bupa offer a medical insurance and the design of this medical insurance we have three segments one is corporate which is customise and second is SME WICH IS fixed policy

☑ . – Quailty is one of most important element that we focus on as we have CCHI regulation and an audit from SAMA. all the papers been check it by quality team to make sure everything is fine Mission and strategy

– Bupa competitive advantage is even we are more expensive then other insurance company bur our core advantage we have faster response and differentioation

iii. Statement of the problem

there two problem

1-m the time to activeate the contract is 5 working days and CCHI the government required 2 days one we received the first

instalment. so we facing delay to activate the contract and that is operation problem we face as the capacity doesn’t meet the demand

2- The Schemes that we offer the insurance class has fewer hospital provider comparing to competitors. that make as in pressure to Persuade the client about it. there is a service design issue

iv. Strategy adopted to solve the problem

v. Your analysis of the situation

vi. Conclusion and Recommendations

vii. References

☑ Design of goods and services

☑ What good or service should we offer?

☑ How should we design these products and services?

☑ Managing quality

☑ How do we define quality?

☑ Who is responsible for quality? Uniqueness can go beyond both the physical characteristics and service attributes to encompass everything that impacts customer’s perception of value


Flexibility is matching market changes in design innovation and volumes Reliability is meeting schedules Timeliness is quickness in design, production, and delivery ☑ Process and capacity design

☑ What process and what capacity will these products require?

☑ What equipment and technology is necessary for these processes?

☑ Location strategy

☑ Where should we put the facility?

☑ Layout strategy

• Customers – what products/services do customers want

• Forecasting – predicting timing and volume of customer demand

• Design – incorporating customer wants, manufacturability, and time to market

• Capacity planning – matching supply and demand

• Processing – controlling quality, scheduling work

• Inventory – meeting demand requirements while managing costs

• Purchasing – evaluating potential suppliers, supporting the needs of operations on purchased goods and services

• Suppliers – monitoring supplier quality, on-time delivery, and flexibility; maintaining supplier relations

• Location – determining the location of facilities

• Logistics – deciding how to best move information and materials ☑ How should we arrange the

facility? ☑ How large must the facility be to

meet our plan?


☑ Human resources and job design ☑ How do we provide a reasonable

work environment? ☑ How much can we expect our

employees to produce? ☑ On what criteria should we base the

location decision? ● Serviceability – the capability of an

organization to provide a service at an acceptable cost or profit

3. What level of quality is appropriate? ● Customer expectations ● Competitor quality ● Fit with current offering

● Every customer or item processed receives essentially the same service

Service Design

● Begins with a choice of service strategy, which determines the nature and focus of the service, and the target market ● Key issues in service design

● Degree of variation in service requirements


● Degree of customer contact and involvement


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