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What type of crime do you feel is more of a problem in your community

What type of crime do you feel is more of a problem in your community

What type of crime do you feel is more of a problem in your community

· You should respond to others’ surveys with critiques about their surveys. How might you do it differently? Are the questions phrased clearly? What things popped into your head as you were ‘taking’ the survey? Was anything confusing as the respondent that might impact the data the researcher ultimately receives? I’m hoping for some back and forth between original authors and their responders about how to improve the quality of their measurement in this hypothetical survey.

Reply 1) This survey will measure community and neighborhood crime rates, residents’ secure and safe feelings, crime prevention measures, and police efficiency. The survey will be conducted in a questionnaire sent out electronically on a social media platform to the residents of a particular neighborhood.

The survey will include ten open-ended questions with a textbox below each question to permit participants to respond. The purpose of this voluntary survey is to gather data to assess opinions and thoughts on Community Crime Perception.

Please answer the following questions in writing using your explanation in the textbox below each question:

1) Are you male or female?



2) What is your age?



3) Please rate how serious you feel the level of crime is in your community?




4) In the past three years, would you say the level of crime in your community has increased, stayed about the same, or decreased?




5) Would you say the level of police protection in your community has increased, stayed about the same, or decreased over the past three years?




6) Do you feel there needs to be more police patrols, about the same number of police patrols, or fewer police patrols in your community?



7) Does your community have a neighborhood crime watch program?




8) In the past three years, have you been a victim of crime in YOUR community?




9) Have you purchased a gun for protection from crime?




10) What type of crime do you feel is more of a problem in your community: property crimes such as vandalism and theft, violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery, or are they about the same?

Reply 2) Capital punishment, also called the death penalty, is the execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law. The death penalty is a controversial topic in which many individuals have strong opinions. Many argue that it is a deterrent of crime and that most people will not commit a crime if they know they may be sentenced to death. Others argue that the death penalty is ineffective and extremely expensive. The goal of this survey is to gain insight into the view regarding the morality and circumstances required to enact the death penalty as a form of punishment. The survey will be structured with initial questions about the individual’s stance on capital punishment and its’ morality to final questions about the accuracy of the penalty. The questions selected are aimed to determine if certain circumstances justify the use of the death penalty or if it should never be allowed. The first question is to determine initial feelings of capital punishment with no circumstances listed. The second is to see if the individual feels the death penalty deters individuals from offending. Questions 3-5 focus on the morality and appropriate punishment for murder. Question 6 compares the humanity of life imprisonment versus capital punishment. Questions 7 and 8 place focus on whether an offender should be able to choose the punishment they would rather have. Questions 9 and 10 bring awareness to the issue of innocent people potentially being executed. The answer choices were selected to ensure that every possible answer would be covered. It was intended to capture if an individual completing the survey had strong feelings on either side of the matter, or if they were neutral.

1) Do you support capital punishment? • Strongly Support • Support • Neither support nor oppose • Oppose • Strongly Oppose 2) The death penalty deters violent crimes, such as rape, robbery, assault, and murder. • Strongly Agree • Agree • Neutral • Disagree • Strongly Disagree 3) Capital punishment is deemed moral by society. • Strongly Agree • Agree • Neutral • Disagree • Strongly Disagree 4) When someone commits a crime like murder, the death penalty is morally justified. • Strongly Agree • Agree • Neutral • Disagree • Strongly Disagree 5) Which punishment do you feel is appropriate for someone who is convicted of murder? • Life in prison with possibility of parole • Life in prison with no possibility of parole • Death penalty • Other (please specify): 6) Do you think life imprisonment is more humane than capital punishment? • Yes, it is more humane • No, it is less humane • Neither, they are equally humane 7) Offenders should be able to choose whether they want to serve a life sentence or receive the death penalty. • Strongly Agree • Agree • Neutral • Disagree • Strongly Disagree 8) I oppose the death penalty even if the convicted criminal desires to die. • Strongly Agree • Agree • Neutral • Disagree • Strongly Disagree 9) On a scale from 1-5, how much confidence do you have that the criminal justice system protects innocent people from being executed? • 1 – very low confidence • 2 – low confidence • 3 – moderate confidence • 4 – high confidence • 5 – very high confidence 10) The death penalty is unfair because innocent people may be executed. • Strongly Agree • Agree • Neutral • Disagree • Strongly Disagree

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