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Describe a strategic direction that the company is pursuing.

Describe a strategic direction that the company is pursuing.

Describe a strategic direction that the company is pursuing.

Let’s review your week 3 SWOT Chart (30 pts.)

First do NOT submit parts 1 or 2 with the submission. This assignment is only part 3.

In an APA paper you will prepare a chart identifying the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Remember charts, graphs, figures, etc… will be in an appendix AFTER your reference page(s).

Your paper – as all papers – will have a clearly identified introduction telling your reader what part 3 paper is all about. In the body of the paper, in a section with a level 1 APA heading so your reader understands well what is coming up, you will give an analysis of two strengths, providing the reason why each is a distinctive competency.

In a second section you will evaluate two weaknesses, explaining how each affects the company’s competitive advantages

You should have a minimum of a full paragraph for each discussion of each strength and weakness.

Note that bullet points are not acceptable in formal university papers. Wrap it all up with a strong conclusion for your reader.

SWOT Analysis
After conducting an assessment of the internal and external environment, managers document their results in a SWOT Chart. There a variety of formats for this document. Please do some research to select a format that clearly describes your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats.

SWOT Analysis Grading Rubric

Analyze the internal and external environments of the organization along the following terms. You must use the mandatory outline located in Doc Sharing to organize your paper. You do need to use all the numbering system, lettering and headers/sub-headers from the outline to organize the entire paper.

Points will be deducted if you do not use these section headers to organize the different research content required in your paper. Your analysis should a minimum of 1,000 words. Your analysis should be easy to follow as a result of using these organization tools from the outline. Follow all instructions.




Section I

Write a brief company history, including a mission statement.

Describe a strategic direction that the company is pursuing.

Explain who the mission statement reflects the strategic direction

Section II

Thoroughly research and analyze two opportunities and two threats that this organization is facing. Each of these opportunities and threats must come from a force or forces occurring within a dimension or dimensions of the general environment within the organization’s external environment (Keep in mind an opportunity or threat can stem from more than one dimension within the general environment.). Be sure to include in your discussion the relevant dimensions of the general environment from which each of these forces is derived that are creating the specific opportunity or threat for the organization.

Please Note—The dimensions of the general environment are outlined in Chapter 2 and in the Week 1 Lecture.

Section III

Prepare the SWOT Chart

Thoroughly explain at least two major strengths and two major weaknesses (review Chapter 9) of the organization culture.

For each strength, discuss why this strength can be considered a distinctive competence for the organization

Include in your analysis an explanation of how each of the opportunities and threats will likely impact the company and why. Include other companies/industries on which this may also have an effect. You should have a minimum of a full paragraph for each discussion of each opportunity and threat.

You should have a minimum of a full paragraph for each discussion of each strength and weakness.

Note: Bullet points are not acceptable Note: Bullet points are not acceptable.

Section IV

For each strength, discuss how the company could do to leverage that strength.

For each weakness, discuss what the organization could do to minimize that weakness.

Discuss how the organization can capitalize on the opportunities that are occurring from the dimensions from within the general environment and how the organization can neutralize the threats that are occurring from the dimensions from within the general environment.

Note: Bullet points are not acceptable.

MGMT 303 SWOT Analysis Grading Rubric

Paper Format

Correctly produced APA parenthetical citations and reference list. You must have a minimum of three external research sources, in addition to the Robbins and Coulter text.

Spelling, grammar, organization

Total Points Possible

A few other notes:

To help you better understand how to complete a SWOT Analysis, please review the section titled, “The Strategic Management Process” in Chapter 9, reread the Weeks 1 and 2 Lectures

Please refer to the Library link and the Video Site Map within The HUB for APA resources to show you how to properly cite your paper using APA.

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