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HCI And Health Applications

HCI And Health Applications

HCI And Health Applications


To investigate the performance, search strategies and resources used by students searching for a certain topic in Human Computer Interaction.

Learning outcomes:

Individual work can develop skills to ensure ability and compatibility.

Gain knowledge and experience

Develop critical reading/writing and self-learning skills

Improve student ability to explore, define, analyses a HCI topic and report it.

Assessment criteria:

The majority of marks are awarded for the critical analysis, quality of content and the essay structure; more detailed criteria are provided in the attached marking sheet for this assignment.

Description of assignment:

This assignment requires you to write an essay (1000 words <its length > 1500 words i.e. 4-5 pages). The essay title will be chosen by you from the following topics:


1. Interaction design for Artificial intelligence

2. Interaction design techniques in automotive user interfaces, aircrafts, ships etc.

3. Food CHI (Human Computer Interaction)

4. Wearable computing such digital jewelry (new trends)

5. Virtual reality headset User experience

6. Ubiquitous computing (Internet of things)

7. Mobile web interfaces

8. HCI 4D (Human computer interaction in socio-economic development)

a. Computing in community based services

9. Middle eastern HCI and user experience

10. Material Design

11. Visualization techniques of complex information representation

12. Accessibility application (Dyslexia learner, Autistic learner, visually impaired, learner with writing difficulties )

13. HCI for sensor based technology such as Kinect

14. HCI support tools (such as programming, prototyping, evaluation tools)

15. HCI in game interfaces

16. HCI and health applications

17. Privacy and security in Human computer interaction

18. Any topic with the permission of Instructor

19. Interface design of multimedia content management

20. Designing interactive interfaces for children

The essay is expected to follow a certain set of criteria. They are defined and explained below.

Description of marking criteria:

Marks will be awarded (or deducted) for the quality of written English, the adequacy of the bibliography and citations. However, the following criteria can help you to know how to write your essay.


Expected to be seen


A clear, brief and effective introduction

Introduction is effective, no more than 250 words, no references; it covers the essay topics, written clearly.


Related work of the topic

Easy to read, consistent, lead to assignment title


Critical analysis

Sufficient information, critically analysed, follow a clear logic, information are from a wide range of resources, ability to connect between the information you have found and the task you have been asked to do



A clear introduction, body and conclusion. Written formally, references used as evidence to back up the points you make. Information should be cited in a proper way.



This includes correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure

Note: assignment should be double spaced and use a 12 point font



Up to date, different resources ( usually 10 to 15 references)

10 %



Results explanation:

Results are explained as followed.






Well-judged selection of range of sources; all sources appropriately cited; referencing consistently accurate. Very interesting arguments, very good of use of resources, very clear logic followed. Informative content, good use of English.


Very good

Significant number and range of sources; all sources appropriately cited; high level of accuracy in referencing. Very good level of critical writing, good use of literature and informative content

70 – 80


Significant number of sources; all sources cited; only minor inaccuracies in referencing. Good critical writing and content



Satisfactory number and range of sources; most sources cited; some minor inaccuracies in referencing, and content. Descriptive writing.

Below 60


Unsatisfactory number and range of sources; many sources not cited; major inaccuracies in referencing, poor writing and content.


· Up to date and Useful references will be provided mostly from journal papers, conference papers, books, technical reports, magazines etc.

· Drafts can be checked during week 4

· Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If plagiarism exceed 20% that will result in zero marks. Use only ithenticate or assignsafe for blackboard for plagiarism checking.

· Students have the right to discuss the results and explain their opinions

· One topic could be selected by one group in the class i.e. maximum 4 students.

· The class leader is responsible for providing me the name with selected topic of whole class.

· Late submission will result in marks deduction -2. If the students will be late in submitting both hard and soft copy the instructor have right to deduct the marks.

· The students combing web based project and HCI project should select the relevant topic.

· The report should be submitted with title page then 2nd page should printed with the criteria of “Description of marking criteria”.

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