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Implementing an ERP System

Implementing an ERP System

Implementing an ERP System

Review scenario “1. Implementing an ERP System” under “Making Business Decisions” at the end of Ch. 12 of Business Driven Technology.

Research ERP system software packages and determine which one you would suggest for the company in the scenario.

Compile a list of the potential benefits and risks associated with implementing an ERP system along with your recommendations for the steps the company can take to ensure a successful implementation. What value would integrating SCM, CRM, and ERP bring to the organization? How would the company measure the success of their ERP? Explain your recommendations.

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, address any thoughts you have on the benefits of ERP, there chosen ERP software package, and the value of integrating an ERP.

Students need to contribute three substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts can be any combination of responses and replies.




Peer 1


ERP Recommendation for Blue Dog Inc – Epicor ERP

ERP Implementation Benefits:

1. High Productivity

2. Reliable Data on Real time

3. Secured Business

4. Process Standadization

5. Scalability

6. Better customer service

ERP Implementation Risks:

1. Getting Skilled Developers for the implementation.

2. High cost

3. Training issues.

4. Disconnect between business and implementation team.

5. Tool Selection.


Project Implementation Planning – Planning is the crucial phase and it should be balanced equally between management teams and available staff to work.
Review software packages in a holistic way thinking of 15-20 years of future.
Hire good skilled people and make sure train the internal employee.
Give enough time for testing and uat testing teams to validate.
SCM,CRM and ERP Integration business value:

1. Complete view of customers and business which helps to deliver best things.

2. Helps business to make right decisions at right time.

3. Well Structured Process.

ERP Success Measuring:

1. System down time – Lowest down time means greatest performance.

2. Reports generates out of ERP System should be helpful to make or enhance decision making abilities.

3. Employee Engagement – Greater employee adoption means the system is working better than before.

4. Customer Service experience.

Even though Epicor ERP solution is costly, but compare to other software packages like SAP ERP cost wise it is less.Blue Dog Inc is not a bigger player based on revenue and even in next 10-15 years Revenue may not get 3-4x based on the scope and competition. Epicor is very good ERP software and it has all the required feature and has very good experience in similar business models.




Peer 2


Hello everyone!

A list of the potential benefits and risks associated with implementing an ERP system along with your recommendations for the steps the company can take to ensure a successful implementation.


Efficiency, Forcasting, Collaboration, Scalibility, Integrating Information , Cost Savings, Streamilined Process, Reporting, Productivity, Regalutory Compliance, Flexibility, Customer Service, And Security


Failure to redesign Business proces to fit the software

Insufficient Training and Reshelling the end users

Lack of Management Support

Lack of Integration

Lack of Change of Management

Poor Technology Planning

Recommendated Steps to ensure succesful implementation:

Strategic Planning: Assign project teams, examine current business process, set objectives, developa project plan

Procedure Review: review software capabilites, identify manual process and develop standard operating procedures

Data Collection: convert data, collect new data, reveiw all data input, cleanup data

Training and Testing: pretest database, verify testing, train the trainer, final testing

Go Live: develop a final go live test checklist, and evaluate solution

What value would integrating SCM, CRM, and ERP bring to the organization?

The relationship , helps remove data silos, emerging brings success, gives business a well rounded view of their customers .

How would the company measure the success of their ERP?

Forming a team process owners to servce ERP project team

Document current state of the business process to find strategic areas for improvements

Educate business process to define desire improved future state

Make the business case for change




Peer 3



Netsuite is a single and enterprise wide integrated business software system. The suite possesses a respectable balance of application breath and product depth. Role-based application navigation and security. it believes this structure provides a distinguishable difference from other ERP systems. While we generally agree, it is ultimately up to each individual to determine whether this paradigm is an advantage or disadvantage. A native thin-client solution designed for on-demand Internet delivery. Strong market leadership. NetSuite is a marketing powerhouse. Several industry specific or vertical market solutions.While limited to SMB companies, NetSuite’s eCommerce shopping cart is the best integrated solution in the SaaS ERP market. Advanced functionality such as the keyword marketing module, affiliate management, eBay integration, promotional URLs, real-time credit card processing and basic SEO capabilities collectively provide an impressive e-commerce solution.

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