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HRM and the Organization Discussion

HRM and the Organization Discussion

HRM and the Organization Discussion

**HRM and the Organization Discussion:

There are many issues affecting organizations today, such as employee  retention, flexible work schedule, contingent workforce, talent  management, and work-life balance. Select one of these issues and  discuss how it integrates with at least two of the functional areas of  HRM that you have learned about (training development, recruiting and  selection, performance and evaluation, compensation and benefits,  etc.).

In your post, include at least three reasons why this issue is  important to organizations. 

**Respond to at least two of your classmates’  posts.**



Employee development is an important part of human resources  management because they have to make sure that they can have workers  move up in rank within the company. A worker who comes in at a lower  level rank should be allowed to get an advance opportunity after a  probationary period. Employees who do not have the opportunity to get  more training will likely feel unappreciated and take their talents  elsewhere. This can become a repeated pattern where human resources has  to constantly spend time and money on training new workers, instead of  promoting them which will increase the knowledge level of workers  throughout the organization. Advanced training should be presented  during the recruiting stage and let workers know within the selection  process that getting good evaluations will aid them in getting promoted.

Having a flexible work schedule is also important to workers from all  generations because they all have outside obligations that they need to  take care of. “Baby Boomers are characterized by long hours of hard  work, extrinsic motivation, and loyalty and commitment to their  employers at the expense of work-life balance” (Youssef-Morgan &  stark, 2014, p. 11.5). Just because a person gets paid salary doesn’t  not mean their okay with working 50-60 hours a week, because they will  get burned out a quit. If there is a long work week for salaried  workers, allow them to have extra time off the following week. Also,  people no longer want to get stuck working every weekend, holiday, while  not having to worry about getting penalized if they need to leave early  doing the week.


Youssef-Morgan, C. M., & Stark. E. (2014). Strategic human resource management: Concepts, controversies, and evidence-based applications. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)



Many  employers struggle to find the right people and struggle to retain the  right people. There are a number of things that are taken into account  when attracting and bringing employees aboard. Showing support for their  family and allowing work life balance is extremely important for  employees. Most people have children or other loved ones who depend on  them for care and other needs. It’s also important to offer adequate  health care benefits to help care for employees and their families,  which will hopefully cut back on employees missing work due to illness  and family illness. Providing on-site workout facilities can assist with  obesity and other health-related problems. Offering a competitive  benefits package will attract and generally keep employees around long  term helps cut down and eventually eliminate turnover. Having a poor  benefits package will drive good people away and cause employees to not  take their jobs seriously. This can be dangerous for an organization’s  financial situation and a bad look all around. People will wonder why  employees never stick around at a company with poor benefits and low  pay, but it will eventually show in the end when the company fails.

Additionally, employees like to be recognized and shown appreciation  for their hard work. If these actions are made, employees will stop  working hard and just do the bare minimum or leave work for other  colleagues and sit back, riding the clock. Employees also look for  advancement opportunities and rewards, as this fulfills their power  needs. “Acquired needs include the needs for achievement, affiliation, and power, which motivate people to behave in ways they believe will help them fulfill these needs. For example, one employee may be motivated by promotion prospects that could fulfill his achievement and power needs. Another employee may be motivated to do her fair share of the work in order for her team to appreciate her efforts, which could fulfill her affiliation needs” (Youssef-Morgan & Clark, 2014, ch 9.1).

Three reasons why these issues are important to organizations is  because how a company treats their people will reveal how they will  continue on as a company. It’s like a pass or fail. You take care of  your people and they take care of you, or you don’t take care of them  and your company does not last. How many companies can get away with  offering poor benefits and no training and development for their  employees? If they still exist, they must be hanging on by a thread. We  need food to stay strong, nourish our bodies, and keep us growing,  right? The same applies to employees and the motivation to keep going.  Feed them knowledge through training, praise them and reward them for  their accomplishments, and support them when they want to move up in the  company. “Training can also have a positive effect on an organization’s rate of employee retention. Workers are on the lookout for employers who offer and promote training and career advancement. Training and career development are valued more highly than high salaries, and they contribute to job satisfaction. Therefore, training plays a critical role in attracting and retaining talent (Hequet, 1993)” (Youssef-Morgan & Clark, 2014, ch 8.1).



Youssef-Morgan, C. M., & Stark. E. (2014). Strategic human  resource management: Concepts, controversies, and evidence-based  applications [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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