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Quality In Long-Term Care

Quality In Long-Term Care

Quality In Long-Term Care

Quality is a key factor influencing the performance and effectiveness of businesses, institutions, and organizations. This concept is addressed in a number of trade and academic publications, training seminars, and the media. It is highly used by senior employees, executives, and managers in contemporary institutions. The greatest challenge facing organizations is the improvement of the quality of products and services. In the healthcare sector, quality is also a determinant issue thus getting thorough attention. Several approaches and initiatives have been introduced so as to improve the quality of its services. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to identify initiatives that will facilitate the improvement of healthcare services.

As a manager, I would employ qualified personnel and organize regular employee training so as to improve the quality of services. Employees with the right skills and qualifications are key to the infrastructure of improving the quality of services (World Health Organization, 2004). Employees are key determinants of the success of every business and, therefore, employers should come up with an effective way of recruiting them. This should be done on the basis of merit so as to ensure success. However, with the right kind of staff, the resources of an organization will not be misused or wasted. The needs of the patients will also be met thus ensuring satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of every investor or business person. Healthcare facilities should provide the best services to patients.

The other approach to improving service quality is organizing employee training on regular basis. This equips them with more knowledge and skills and also updates them on the changes taking place in the sector. New ideas and technologies will be learned during training thus fulfilling the expectations of the organizations. Each employee should be trained for the task they are expected to accomplish.  Generally, training is important because they help employees in an organization to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. It also helps them acquire skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary for the job.

I will also come up with ways of motivating the employees since demotivated workers not only work against the organization but also detach themselves from its key processes. The motivation will either be monetary or non-monetary. These incentives will make the employees feel appreciated thus improving their performance. This improvement is also responsible for customer satisfaction resulting in the overall change of the organization’s image (Gillam & Siriwardena, 2014).

Implementation of the Initiatives

In getting a qualified staff, I will begin by holding a meeting with the employees to discuss the requirements for each position. Those whole are less qualified for the position they are holding will either be demoted or requested to venture into their fields of specialization while the more experienced, skilled, and qualified will be allowed to hold critical positions. This will ensure a smooth running of the business thus improving the quality of services. On the other hand, involving employees in the process of decision making improves performance and cooperation. They will be willing to adjust to the changes without disputes and conflicts.

In terms of training, senior employees will determine the best and convenient times of the year when the activity will be conducted. They will also decide on the duration of the training. This can either be monthly or yearly depending on the size of the staff. Lastly, employees will be interviewed so as to come up with the best ways of rewarding. As the manager, I will be able to know their interests and preferences thus formulating strategies to meeting them.

After implementation of the initiatives, I expect positive outcomes such as improved customer services, proper use of resources, and high-quality services. Growth and development will also be realized in the next six to twelve months. Employees will also deliver their best as a result of the incentives and rewards. Lastly, the relationship between the senior employees and the junior ones will become stronger as they interact to ensure the success of the organization.

To be able to know whether my initiatives have succeeded, I will carry out a survey where I will interview several patients and employees. I will inquire about the difference between the former and the latter state of the organization. If their response will be positive, I will conclude that the initiatives have been successful. I will also observe their behavior and performance to know whether the approaches are effective or not.

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