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Cultural Capabilities Report

Cultural Capabilities Report

Cultural Capabilities Report

CUC107 Applying Cultural Capabilities Report Length: 1250- 1700 words

Due: Part 1 Monday, 11:59pm (CST), Week 12 CUC107 worth 45% (IAS201 40%)

Part 2 Monday, 11:59pm (CST), Week 13 worth 5% (IAS201 10%)



• Submit through the Assessment 3 ‘Cultural Capabilities Report’ link

in the ‘Assessment Submission’ area of Learnline by the due date. This assignment is

submitted using SafeAssign.

• Save your Word document file with your name, unit name, and assessment number

included (e.g. Jamie Green CUC107 A3). Ensure you have your name, student number

and page number in the footer of your document, and the title of the assignment in

the header.


Task Overview

Introduction: It has been argued that cultural capabilities are fundamental to operating

effectively in the workplace, community and the university. Cultural capabilities are required

for creating safe work and learning spaces. So, to complete this task you will be drawing

together all of the learning from the unit to show understanding of strategies to create safe



Task: Write a formal report to observe and analyse whether characters in a given interaction

are showing effective cultural capabilities and maintaining a culturally safe space. Also,

recommend how effective cultural capabilities of the people involved could be improved.


Task details


The report should:

• Summarise and describe observations of the interactions related to aspects of

cultural capabilities in the interaction.

• Analyse (with formal references) the safe and unsafe aspects of the interaction,

including the physical location and interactions between people.

• Provide recommendations for creating or sustaining this interaction as a culturally

safe space.

Be written in a formal tone – avoid personal language, contractions and slang.



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Steps for successfully completing Assessment 3, Part 1

1. As you think about the given interaction, observe the way that the social and cultural

groups concerned are represented in the interaction. Distinguish between the actual

interaction depicted and the wider social issue; remember you are analysing the situation

for the cultural capabilities demonstrated in the interaction.


The Interactions you can choose:

• 21 minutes of the Documentary posted on Vimeo by the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation.

Dirt Cheap 30 Years on: the story of uranium mining in Kakadu.

You can watch the whole documentary to gain some contextual knowledge. The interaction is from 15 minutes to 36 minutes, including a footage of NLC meeting with Chairman Yunupingu, and another meeting with the then minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Ian Viner.

• Another choice is: #toostrongforyoukaren


Here is another news excerpt:

And another:




Here is a hashtag collation of posts on twitter (beware this is general public and various


• Another Choice is the NYT article on the Corona Virus; a series of media clips on a collection

of statements made; so instead of analysing a specific scenario (like the ones above) , you

can analyse the existence of these instances over time as discussed in the video. You can

also reference other media pieces that impact on collective culture, interactions and power



2. Format the Report

Prepare the layout before writing.

Font size and type: Use font size 12. You may use font type calibri, arial or times new roman.

Margins: Use Default margin, 2.54cm.

Line Spacing: 1.5 line spacing. You will need to include sections and subsections which

should have numbered and titled headings. Word counts for each section below are only a


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guide but do indicate relative importance of the sections. This is reflected in the marking for

each section.


• Title of Report: This should be on a separate page. Include the title, your name and

student number, and the date. The title should include the name of the assignment

and describe what the report will do. You can be creative to make an interesting title



• Table of Contents: This should be on a separate page. A table of contents provides a

list of the Sections and Sub-sections that you have used in your report, and the page

on which they start. You can use the word function in ‘references’ tab to AUTO-

generate a table of contents from the levels of headings you choose UNDER ‘STYLES’.


Now use this outline:


1. Introduction (approx. 200 words): Briefly explain background, aim and scope of this

report. Include the following sub-sections in the introduction.


1.1 Background An orientation to the topic of cultural capability and safe spaces.


1.2 Aim Tell the reader what the report aims to do – i.e. It will provide a summary,

description and analysis of an example of a safe or unsafe space and will recommend

improvements to improve the safety of the space where appropriate.


1.3 Scope Explain what the report will focus on, including concepts and capabilities you

will analyse for.


2. Summary and Observations (Approx. 350- 400 words): This section will include two sub-



2.1 Summary of the interaction: needs to include:

o a brief plot line of the events you are analysing

o the setting with a general overview of the scene

o any relevant background information to understand the scene

o identification of the key people involved


2.2 Observations: Identify the behaviours that are evidence of the cultural safety issues

and cultural capability. These observations should confirm your statement in the

introduction about whether the space is safe or unsafe. Some of the things to look for

and describe are: physical factors (size and layout of space, position of people in the

space), communication factors (body language, voice, words), signs of inclusion or

exclusion, and displays of or lack of cultural intelligence. It is a good idea to include a



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Table to set out your observations. Word count is included in the ‘summary and

observations” quota, so don’t ‘spend’ all your words here.


If you use a table, remember that it will need to be introduced, and a number and title

provided, as per below. (Note replace highlighted instructions with your own words):


Table 1 Title of table here

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