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Develop a succinct corporate email

Develop a succinct corporate email

Develop a succinct corporate email

Develop a succinct corporate email (approximately 1-2 pages) to your manager on the importance of mission and vision statements, and the code of ethics for a business.
What do you think? What is the real purpose of having a mission statement for a business? How does it impact the success of a business? Do you know the mission and vision of your workplace?
Companies such as Google and Microsoft spend a considerable amount of money on their corporate websites to illustrate and describe their company mission, vision, and values. Even small business entrepreneurs are encouraged to formulate these statements as part of formal business plans shared with banks and angel investors.
A code of ethics is also an important guide for businesses of all sizes, especially when the future depends on sustainability for humans and the planet.
As a stakeholder (customer, employee, or investor), your ability to analyze an organization’s code of ethics can help you understand the ethical considerations and values that guide business transactions and decisions.
In your first assessment, you explored a company’s functional areas and reflected on your skills in relation to them. Now you’ve been assigned to the IT Department and selected to help improve the website. You’ll develop a corporate email on the importance of mission, vision, and code of ethics statements that you will send to your manager. You’ll use the same company website from Assessment 1. Analyzing this company’s mission, vision, and code of ethics in relation to the work that the business does will give you a view of how these statements provide a foundation for the strategic direction of an organization.
Your manager was pleased with the work you did in your internship and has temporarily placed you in the IT department. Your first task is to help design the mission, vision, and ethics page on the corporate website.
For this assessment, you will:

  • Research the company website you selected as an example of a mission statement.
  • Prepare an internal corporate email about the importance of the mission, vision, and code of ethics. In the email you will also include recommendations about two design elements for its mission, vision, and code of ethics web pages and how these design elements would support the organization’s business goals.
  • Instructions
    Develop a succinct corporate email (approximately 1–2 pages) to your manager on the importance of mission and vision statements and the code of ethics for a business. Research your chosen website and be ready to give some design suggestions for the website.
    Do not send the email to faculty as a real email. Use the Assessment 2 Template [DOCX] to write the email using professional grammar, mechanics, and references. Research the mission, vision, and code of ethics on the corporate website of the business you selected for the last assessment. The interactive activity Mission, Vision, and Ethics can take you through these first few steps and getting a start on your assessment.
  • Find the mission and vision statements on the website.
  • Look for ways the company puts its mission and vision into action and note 1–2 examples.
  • Locate the corporate code of ethics. How is it displayed? Is it directed mostly at employees or at consumers? What kind of examples are given?
  • What improvements would you recommend for these statements, and why?
  • 2. Review the interactive activity QuickStart: Mission, Vision, and Ethics to learn the key purposes of these statements. This activity is linked in the Assessment hub page and counts toward engagement. Gather any additional background you need on the topic, including reading the resources in “First Steps,” if you choose, and the resource below. Be prepared to cite at least three reputable resources to support your ideas, including the website you researched.
  • Barker, P. (2016). Draft your code of ethicsAccountancy Ireland, 48(4), 61–63.
  • 3. Write a 1–2 page internal corporate email using the Assessment 2 Template [DOCX] and include the following:
  • Format.
    • TO: (audience for the email).
    • FROM: (writer of the email).
    • RE: (reason or topic for the email).
  • Introduction.
    • Describe the chosen website reviewed.
    • Briefly state the purpose of the email.
  • Body paragraphs.
    • Explain the purpose and key elements of mission statements.
      • Use real-world examples and supporting evidence from your chosen organization
    • Explain the purpose and key elements of vision statements.
      • Use real-world examples and supporting evidence from your chosen organization
    • Explain the purpose and key elements of a code of ethics.
      • Why should the code of ethics be directed toward all stakeholders, including leadership, employees, and customers?
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the examples you provided from your website by explaining how they support the business goals, explaining what improvements you would recommend for these statements, and why.
    • Describe two elements (graphics, buttons, links, menus, other items specific to the design of a webpage) to include on your selected company’s website on the mission, vision, and ethics web page on the corporate website.
      • Explain the rationale for adding each to the website.
      • Explain how these elements could support business goals.
  • Conclusion.
    • Review the purpose of the mission, vision, and code of ethics.
    • Review how the suggested elements for the website could support business goals in the future.
  • References (This is in addition to your 1–2 pages of content).
  • Submit your email as an assessment. Do not send it as a real email or course message to faculty.
    It is recommended to submit your work to Smarthinking to get feedback at least two days before you turn it in.
    Consider the following as rough guide posts for setting aside the time you need to do your work. You’ll want to adjust these as you learn more about your own pace and working style.

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