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Perception, Consciousness, And Attention Power Point

Perception, Consciousness, And Attention Power Point

Perception, Consciousness, And Attention Power Point

Imagine you are now a professional psychologist working in the specialization that you aspire to. You are charged with creating professional development for an interdisciplinary team of professionals in your workplace on how theories, principles, and evidence-based best practices of cognitive and affective psychology can be used to help people in your work context.

For this assessment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation focused on the following topics:

· Perception.

· Consciousness.

· Attention.

Presentation Template

Use the Presentation Template [PDF] linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading to complete this assessment.

Note: Do not submit a paper for this assessment. Papers will not be graded.

You will complete this assessment by replacing all language that is enclosed within brackets [. . .] in the PowerPoint Presentation Template with your own words.

Guidelines for the Presentation

For guidance on the basics of using PowerPoint, you may see the Basic Tasks for Creating a PowerPoint Presentation linked in the Resources under the Suggested Resources heading. If after reviewing this material, you need more help using PowerPoint, contact your faculty—seek help early.

· Number of words: The number of words on each slide should be cut to the bare minimum without losing meaning. Instead of crowding slides with words, it is better to use more slides. Think of the entries on the slide as headings. In an actual presentation, the presenter would deliver details and support information verbally. All details and supporting information should be entered in the notes area below the slides.

· Design: You may wish to enhance the design of the presentation to make it more effective. For guidance on PowerPoint design, you may review the documents PowerPoint Presentation Design Suggestions [PDF] and Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations, linked in the Resources under the Suggested Resources heading.

. If you feel that any aspect of the Presentation Template can be improved, you are encouraged to design your presentation as you see fit, as long as the required information is complete, clear, and well organized.

· Language: Remember that your presentation is for an interdisciplinary team, so it will be important to communicate in a manner that can be understood by those not trained in psychology. Be sure to include plain language definitions of psychological terms used in the presentation in the notes section.

· References: Remember to cite references just as you would in a written assessment.

Contents of the Presentation

Title Slide

On the first slide of the PowerPoint presentation, enter the following:

· A descriptive title of approximately 5–15 words. It should stir interest while maintaining professional decorum.

· Professional development for [enter the type of institutional context your presentation is designed for].

. Your name.

. Your specialization.

. Course number and title.

. Capella University.

. Faculty name.

Note: If this presentation was made in an actual professional context, the entries under your name would be replaced by your job title, the name of your organization, and perhaps your contact information.

Topic Introduction Slides

Present each of the three topics in a separate section that begins with a slide naming the topic and concisely introducing it.

Theoretical Background Slides

Use one or more slides to briefly analyze the origins and evolution of each theory that you will reference in relation to each topic.

Application Slides

Use slides as needed to explain how theories, principles, and evidence-based best practices related to each topic can be used to explain behavior and help people. Remember, these factors should be relevant to the context your presentation is designed for. For each of these:

· Analyze how and to what extent brain physiology and neuroscience can provide an explanation of relevant phenomena.

· Analyze how affect may impact cognitive performance in this area.

· Evaluate how cultural diversity should be considered in relation to at least one of the topics in your presentation.

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