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What self-directed characteristics already mark your approach to learning?

What self-directed characteristics already mark your approach to learning?

What self-directed characteristics already mark your approach to learning?


Knowles (1975), identified self-directed learning as a form of study in which people take the primary initiative, with or without the help of others, for planning, conducting, and evaluating their own learning activities. He further went on to say that self-directed learning is an initiative aimed at diagnosing their learning needs, formulating goals, identifying human and material resources and evaluating learning outcomes.

Kasworm (1983b), also cited in Merriam and Caffarella (1991) proposes that self-directed learning “represents a qualitative evolvement of a person’s sense of cognitive definition and developmental readiness for ambiguous and non-defined actions”.

After continuous reflection on chapter 1, I alluded to the fact that for my professional growth and development as a Pastor. I needed to move beyond not only seminars and workshops that are held once or twice per month but to become a product of my own learning. Hence, I decided to pursue my online studies. This has now resulted in me being a self –directed adult learner. After careful reading and reflection on the subject, I have concluded that it is imperative for me to be able to balance my time with work, church, family and study. “Allen Tough at the University of Toronto focused on the self – directedness of adults who initiated their own learning projects”. He found that 90% of the adult population engaged in at least one major learning project each year that involved a minimum of 100 hours”. Thus, being a self -directed learner will enable me to be more assertive as it relates to my academic online studies. In this regard, I will be entrusted with the responsibility of not being spoon fed by my lecturers but I will be an active and responsible participant for my own learning.



How would you currently evaluate yourself as a self-directed adult learner?

Based on my self -evaluation thus far, I have been able to choose, undertake and execute the path of my learning initiative more effectively. This new found path of academia has given me a plethora of opportunity to challenge myself to attain to heights that once seemed unsurmountable. Whereas in times past I would not have evaluated the enormity of the tasks and challenges to which I was assigned, I am more calculated and I carefully strategize how to meet the demands that await me in each course that I am taking. Being a self – directed learner has taught me how to analyze and implement the skills set that I have to work with to complete each task. In this regard, I have to carefully monitor my own progress and plan my learning approaches all whilst optimizing my ability with guidance from my professors. The Apostle Paul puts it succinctly in 2 Corinthians 5: 17 when he says ” if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away behold all things are become new”. He makes the salient point in this text by putting off the old, we are created to be like God. Hence, the idea of a new birth or trying something new.


What self-directed characteristics already mark your approach to learning?

I now have been developing a learning approach that has allowed me to be a greater problem solver because I oftentimes have to use many different strategies to accomplish any given task. I have also been using self-managing and self-monitoring principles which have allowed me to understand the significance of my learning approach. This has also enabled me to approach every task with a sense of knowledge and clarity concerning the desired requisites. I am also immersed into strategic planning methods in order to meet my goals and deadlines effectively because I now have sufficient self-knowledge about what works based on experiences. This has ultimately emboldened me to establish metacognitive strategies that can assist me as it relates to my decision making process.

What skills and attitudes do you still need to improve?

I do believe that I need to evolve into a greater self-directed learner. I need to become more reflective in order to continue improving my learning techniques as well as evaluate my effectiveness by asking questions such as “What went well? ” “What stimulated myself-directedness based on my results? ”I also want to be able to approach my learning with an air of exploration and curiosity as I create my hypothesis through a self-directed approach. I also need to improve strong learning outcome, analyze and have a positive impact that can permeate the society as an ambassador of social change. The same principle needs to be applied to individuals who are making the transition in study in terms of doing online courses. This inevitably means that an individual who is now studying online has to eliminate the old patterns of learning identity and embrace a new one which is more compatible to the new learning environment. According to Costa and Kallick (2008), efficacious people stick to a task until they reach a satisfactory finish.



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