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Project Paper “Technology Adoption”

Project Paper “Technology Adoption”

Project Paper “Technology Adoption”


In developing communities, technology remains to play a significant role in promoting innovation, which has an economic growth benefit. Many countries and populations of the world rely on technology to make the economic difference (Cornelia , Elske, & Carola , 2006). Despite many challenges associated with technology adoption, nations continue to make a difference using computing science while accepting the challenges and differences associated.

The diffusion of technology in contemporary society ensures that society continues to make the adoption of its available resources. Technology over the years continues to be the source of invention and innovation, changing the dimension of use and application to everyday tasks. Technology assumes different forms of determinants that promote its diffusion and adoption in any given society. The United States continues to be a leading country with a fast technology adoption capability changing the dimension, growth, and even stability of its economy.

Making an example of a country like America, it is possible to understand how technology continues to affect world economies (Cornelia , Elske, & Carola , 2006). The United States prices that the process of adopting technology is different from its invention in many capacities technology diffusion reflects the adoption capability of various nations that include America. Innovation in technology has an inclusion of the ability of a country changing the shape of the productivity and the economic growth rate. Under-developing nations fail to understand the changing effect of technology adoption, limiting their innovation and commercial growth rate. Diffusion of innovation makes significant economic progressions although that many world communities do not understand of witness the change when sidelined by the changes and impact that come with computing science. This includes the success and failure story for the Technology adoption.

Literature Review

In the world today, human behavior continues to dominate the different ways of thinking for the diverse human population, there is the argument that people continue to make a significant difference in their thinking based on ideological believes. The social influence continues to play relevance in understanding the various ways through which people make decisions.

Technology continues to be the central and focal point of communities that rely on innovations. In different ways, communities have learned to make understanding of technological advancement while accepting the consequence associated. For instance, mobile applications have become the most preferred choice of instant access to information and the selection of decision making. People continue to refer to their feelings, attitudes, and even thoughts through different sites, categorized under technology. Despite the many arguments presented on technology advancement, many people continue to rely on the latest forms of innovations, including their travel plans. In the modern travel industry, many of the newest plane models have inbuilt technology assisted systems that continue to change the dimensions of the air travel experience (Thomas, 2012).

Underdeveloped countries also continue to adopt the technology by ensuring books to travel services, including coaches, trains, and even sea vessels. An information system remains to be the referral databases that offer the critical choice of standard travel options. Also though this option exists, there are developing concerns that they continue to affect the everyday life of ordinary citizens. American, ordinary citizens, even feel undermined by the different decisions to travel opportunities created by technological options associated with technology. Thus, different theories adjoined explain that people make indiscriminate considerations on the provisions of technology adoptions. In many dimensions, technology adoptions remain to be a challenge in many community levels.

Various Theories and Models

There are various models and theories available, many of them are popular and I will be picking up one of the model from below for a small explanation with example and this will continue with the success story and failure story in general (Liviu & Adrian , 2018).

1. Theory of Reasoned Action

2. Theory of Planned Behavior

3. Theory of Interpersonal Behavior

4. Technology Acceptance Model

5. Extension of TAM

6. Igbaria’s Model

7. Social Cognitive Theory

8. Diffusion of Innovations Theory

9. Perceived Characteristics of Innovating Theory

10. Motivational Model

11. Uses and Gratification Theory

12. The Model of PC Utilization

13. Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology

14. Compatibility UTAUT


In trying to make an understanding of the different theories on technology adoption, the following research paper adopted different frameworks presented by various scholars. In the example, the key-word based approach remained significant throughout the next study; they remain relevant to the different social issues of technology adoption. Thus, the study made different considerations on the various scopes of study of the interpretation, integration, and adoption of technology. As a result, there were many arguments presented supporting technology adoption. At the same time, some of the many presentations argued against technological adoption, proving a change of status and even the nature of social influence (Thomas, 2012).

In trying to pursue the goals, the following essay made significant assumptions and evacuations to the inherent social factor, the United theory of acceptance and the diffusion theory using various random individuals. The individuals of preference remained anonymous to protect their identity as provided by different codes of ethics under the United States rule of law. Depict many participants agreeing to the different modes of conduct, the survey and research study made strict policies reviewing the age liability of the various participants. In this view, the study provided a current and genuine study review, supported by a consent signing agreement form presented to the participants at the start of the survey.


In trying to understand the impact of the different technological advances and placement of deferent societal professionals, the research paper used five different individuals with different ethnic backgrounds. The research aimed at obtaining significant information on the general information on innovation associated with society at large. In many assumption capabilities, the essay relied on international scholars, immigrants, and even professionals with the work to stay permits from an estimated five countries.

The United Kingdom, China, African, and even India remained top of the list providing the different diverse population’s units. Under various categories, the participants had to meet overseas criteria proving that they obtained access to developed countries through the use f technology. Their age was also another important matter of consideration, showing that at the time of the study, the different individuals remained relevant to their school admissions. Many student participants remained deepened in the study who wanted to ensure that they complied with their campus regulating. Choosing to deal with the students proved significant in many ways, as the provision of information remained constant throughout the study.


Different market structure gives the cues to action about the different approaches to adopting the technology. In the United States, an increase in the demand for technological innovations has created the need for increased industrial demand and supply. In the view, the study adopted a significant review of literature material written on technology adoption. Among the many considerations, this research paper focused on the understanding of technology and possible benefits that have made essential benefits to the community. Then again, the process of identifying and registering the adoption of technology also evaluates single, multiple businesses that use of technology across the globe. It was also essential to analyze the various channels of access to technology like the existing depend on avenues to technological development and advancement. Many of the assessments conducted in the course of the research also relied on the various current organization using technology and have impacted a changed to constant communities (Thomas, 2012).

The constant societies of mention included the ICT centers dispersed across the nation and their overall effect on the illiterate community. In the completion of the research study, an included percentage population of some of the learned persons also formed a significant portion. That is to say that the survey also included some personal interviews of relevant persons associated with the global economy of growing nations, inclusive of the developed and underdeveloped countries. Databases were also of significant assistance in the use of gaining experience, knowledge, and leading facts. At some point, some of the tech databases also acted as the primary reference context. For a gaining student, the databases also created the room for thinking, exploring and even imagine the possibility to the knowledge given that some of the information provided gave the relevance to space and in-depth sea explorations. Library facilities acted as the primary access to the world of knowledge, and the science labs offered the needed assistance in making comprehension of the real world using technology.


Many of the engaged participants had to answer to simple questionnaires while taking part in volunteering testing exercises. In the different practical scenarios, young participants had to engage in the different test exercises, while the elderly persons had to depict their computing knowledge by answering some of the simple questions. Some of the questions reviled around asking on the famous sites, their advantage and disadvantaged concerning the IT profitability. In some cases, participants had also to answer questions about their experiences in the past working with different firms. This ground of questioning provided the argument basis for understanding the diffusion theory related to technology (Thomas, 2012).


Many of the participants argued that technology remains to be the central focus of human advancements in terms of innovations. The research paper presented questioned the credibility, integration, and adoption of the technology through people that have been on the consistent use of technology. According to the many reports, different world societies continue to depict a human behavior trend categorized under the three theories. However, the diffusion theory remains to be the most relevant and explainable model to technology adoption as described by humans.

Failure Stories for not going to Technology adoption

Blackberry Failure

Every organization has different reasons for success and failures; companies bounce back by knowing the defeats and drawback where it is lacking. For Blackberry, the main reason for the failure of the company is


BlackBerry mobile business used to be a great revenue-generating source, but lack of operating system adoption impacted the sales when IOS and Android related devices are ruling the world. They used Blackberry OS until late 2015, they launched first android device BlackBerry Priv, and after that, they released more than seven android phones, but it was never into the game and lost their charm in the business. One more thing which I would like to add is the company suffered from ineffective product launches, reduced functionality, and incoherent value propositions (JLuo, 2018).

Enterprise World

Some time ago, BlackBerry ruled the endeavor world. Incalculable businesses passed out BlackBerrys to its workers because of its necessary and viable method for giving consistent and secure access to email. It was an industry standard, yet then along came the iPhone, which included some attractive quality alongside better web surfing and applications.

Organizations didn’t care for it. However, individuals who worked in businesses cherished and requested the iPhone, and the amusement changed. From being an axiom for development “BlackBerry” turned into a staid, exhausting, functional thing. Once the iPhone moved into town, trailed by Android devices, BlackBerry was attempting to contend, and mostly didn’t improve sufficiently speedy to keep its loyal behind (Martin, 2013). Handsets aren’t a great source of benefits; they’re extravagant to make, and there’s constant descending price weight. Software and services are much more beneficial (Arthur, 2014).

The significant fact which we need to understand from this would be the management decision and the also the group of people who never really wanted to switch from their traditional OS to the Android or IOS; this is the similar case for the Nokia too.

Success Story of Technology Adoption

This is a story of a kid from Kasungu, Malawi, whose name is William Kamkwamba. Many of the African countries are underdeveloped and not supported by governments in adopting technology or helping people to know about those. Many of the people in his village would never trust him, and instead, they booed him by calling him “Crazy.” He proved everyone wrong by turning a bulb on using the junkyard material. Below is the picture of the first windmill which was made by Kamkwamba.

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